Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which database version is supported on your hosting ?

Our Shared servers running Oracle Database 21c Express Edition. We offer Oracle Database 23ai Free on our Dedicated server plans.

Which Apex version is supported on your hosting ?

Our servers support Oracle APEX 24.1.

Does hosting packages includes Web Disk Space ?
All packages contains webspace space.
Do you allowed the use of UTL_HTTP, UTL_SMTP, UTL_TCP & DBMS_CRYPTO packages ?
Yes, you are allowed to use these packages.
Which languages are supported by your APEX Instances ?
Our APEX instances are available in all languages which are supported by Oracle APEX.
Do your servers support SSL ?
Yes, our servers support SSL.
Can I get backup of my data and application anytime I want ?
Yes, you can export your data and application anytime.
Do you have a test / free trial environment for APEX ?
We provide 7 days free trial for all of our shared server plans. We also provide 7 days full money-back guarantee for all of our dedicated server plans.
Can I get full access to apex development environment ?
Yes, you can develop and run applications in our APEX environment. It is a full install not just run-time.
Where are your servers physically located ?
Currently we have servers in USA and Germany.
Is there support access to the schema via SQL Developer ?

Yes, you can use SQL Developer etc to connect to your schema.

Can I use dbms_scheduler to schedule jobs ?
Yes you can, however the scheduled job must not have adverse effects on Server’s performance.
How long does it take to receive account set-up confirmation ?
It can take up to 2 hours to set up your account for shared server plan and 2 to 5 hours to set up dedicated server plan.
If I would like to upgrade to the higher package? Will this cause any downtime?
The shared server plans upgrade will not cause any kind of downtime. There will be a downtime of about 20 to 25 minutes during the upgrade of the dedicated server plans.
Can I use any Credit Card to purchase Apex Hosting?
Yes, you can buy APEX hosting with almost any Credit Card or Paypal.
Is billing month-to-month or yearly?
Billing is done monthly, semi-annually or yearly whichever you choose.
Can I get any discount if I pay for more than a month?
You can get 5% discount on semi-annually and 10% discount on yearly payments.